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Julia K. McHugh, Ph.D. (Trent A. Carmichael Curator of Academic Initiatives)
[T] 919-684-5203

Ellen C. Raimond, Ph.D. (Assistant Curator of Academic Initiatives)
[T] 919-684-8067

Business and Operations Office

Kate Piva (Deputy Director for Operations)
[T] 919-684-5126

Michelle Seymour (Departmental Business Manager)
[T] 919-668-0603

Carolyn W. Watson (HR Specialist)
[T] 919-684-3307

Donna Orr (Special Events Manager)
[T] 919-684-3321

Izzy Greene (Special Events Coordinator)
[T] 919-684-3321


Marshall N. Price, Ph.D. (Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art)
[T] 919-684-8422

Trevor Schoonmaker (Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs and Patsy R. and Raymond D. Nasher Curator of Contemporary Art)
[T] 919-684-3370

Molly Boarati (Assistant Curator)
[T] 919-684-9243

Reneé M. Cagnina Haynes (Exhibitions and Publications Manager)
[T] 919-613-6761

Melissa Gwynn (Curatorial Assistant)
[T] 919.684.8451

Membership & Development

Tamara Holmes Brothers, Ph.D. (Director of Development and Major Gifts)
[T] 919-668-4063

Amanda Kuruc (Assistant Director of Development)
[T] 919-668-3527

Tracey Lannon (Annual Fund and Membership Officer)
[T] 919-681-8515

Mary Catherine Hall (Development Assistant)
[T] 919 684-3411


Sarah Schroth (Mary D.B.T. and James H. Semans Director)


Jessica Ruhle (Director of  Education and Public Programs)
[T] 919-684-8816

Elizabeth Peters (Museum Educator for Community Audiences)
[T] 919-684-1169

Ryan Helsel (K-12 and Family Programs Educator)
[T] 919-684-8071

Teen Program Coordinator
[T] 919.684.9244

Engagement, Marketing & Communications

Wendy Hower (Director of Engagement & Marketing)
[T] 919-684-3314

J Caldwell, Ph.D. (Photographer)

Rachel Goodwin (Graphic Designer & Web Content Manager)
[T] 919-660-0332

Myra Weise (Visitor Services Manager)
[T] 919-668-4059


David Burroughs (Building Manager)
[T] 919-684-8146


Brad Johnson (Exhibition Designer)
[T] 919-684-1972

Alan Dippy (Preparator)
[T] 919-668-1412

Patrick Krivacka (Woodshop Manager)
[T] 919-684-1973


Kelly Woolbright (Registrar)
[T] 919-684-1970

Lee Nisbet (Associate Registrar / Visual Resources Manager)
[T] 919-684-8262

Aaron Zalonis (Assistant Registrar / Database Manager)
[T] 919-684-1971

Bryan Hilley (Assistant Registrar)
[T] 919-684-1971


Kwaku Osei (Program Coordinator)
[T] 919-684-5998

Special Events

Donna Orr (Special Events Manager)
[T] 919-684-3321

Izzy Greene (Special Events Coordinator)
[T] 919-684-3321

Visitor Services

Myra Weise (Visitor Services Manager)
[T] 919-668-4059

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