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Press Inquiries

For press inquiries, please email Wendy Hower, Director of Engagement and Marketing at or call 919-475-3425.

Information Desk

For general inquiries please call the information desk at 919-684-5135.

Contact Us

Academic Initiatives

Julia K. McHugh, Ph.D. (Trent A. Carmichael Curator of Academic Initiatives)
[T] 919-684-5203

Ellen C. Raimond, Ph.D. (Assistant Curator of Academic Initiatives)
[T] 919-684-8067

Business & Operations Office

Rob Knebel (Deputy Director of Operations)
[T] 919-684-5126

Carolyn W. Watson (HR Specialist)
[T] 919-684-3307

Deirdre Ellis (Business Manager)
[T] 919-684-3307


Marshall N. Price, Ph.D. (Chief Curator and Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art)
[T] 919-684-8422

Lauren Haynes (Patsy R. and Raymond D. Nasher Senior Curator of Contemporary Art)
[T] 919-684-3370

Molly Boarati (Associate Curator)
[T] 919-684-9243

Melissa Gwynn (Exhibitions and Publications Manager)
[T] 919-684-8451

Development & Membership

Stephanie Wheatley (Director of Development)
[T] 919-668-4063

Amanda Kuruc (Assistant Director of Development)
[T] 919-668-3527

Tracey Lannon (Annual Fund and Membership Officer)
[T] 919-681-8515

Ana Branning (Donor Relations and Development Coordinator)
[T] 919-684-3411


Trevor Schoonmaker (Mary D.B.T. and James H. Semans Director)

Amanda Zarate (Executive Assistant to the Director)
[T] 919-684-8421


Elizabeth Peters (Museum Educator for Community Audiences)
[T] 919-684-1169

Ryan Helsel (K-12 and Family Programs Educator)
[T] 919-684-8071

Engagement & Marketing

Wendy Hower (Director of Engagement & Marketing)
[T] 919-684-3314

J Caldwell, Ph.D. (Photographer)

Myra Weise (Manager of Museum Services)
[T] 919-668-4059

Rebecca Levine (Special Events Coordinator)
[T] 919-684-3321

Mimi Luse (Special Events Assistant)
[T] 919-684-6947


David Burroughs (Building Manager)
[T] 919-684-8146

Special Events

Rebecca Levine (Special Events Coordinator)
[T] 919-684-3321

Mimi Luse (Special Events Assistant)
[T] 919-684-6947


Brad Johnson (Exhibition Designer)
[T] 919-684-1972

Alan Dippy (Preparator)
[T] 919-668-1412

Patrick Krivacka (Woodshop Manager)
[T] 919-684-1973


Kelly Woolbright (Registrar)
[T] 919-684-1970

Lee Nisbet (Associate Registrar / Visual Resources Manager)
[T] 919-684-8262

Aaron Zalonis (Assistant Registrar / Database Manager)
[T] 919-684-1971

Bryan Hilley (Assistant Registrar)
[T] 919-684-5927


Jon Carpenter (Program Coordinator/Security Manager)
[T] 919-684-3352

Visitor Services

Myra Weise (Manager of Museum Services)
[T] 919-668-4059

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The Nasher Museum is fully open to the public with ongoing health and safety protocols and free admission for all, including Thursday nights and weekends. We strongly encourage all individuals to be fully vaccinated before visiting the Nasher.