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By Teka

So, clearly there is a trend here.  I’ve blogged on artists who blog, then on art dealers who blog, and now, I am going to direct you to an art collector’s blog, Modern Art Obsession (or MAO – as in Chairman Mao Zedong, and more specifically Andy Warhol’s portrait of Mao, which is the blog’s logo.  Yes, collectors are clever, too).

Though he prefers to remain (for the most part) anonymous, this particular collector is someone whom I got to know a little bit during my days as Director of the art gallery Sikkema Jenkins & Co., where I worked before moving to Durham.  He has a wonderful collection of photography, and brings that passion and interest to his blog.

But even better, MAO is fun – it’s all art, all the time.  There is a trove of useful information on the latest New York gallery openings, commentary on art and the politics of art, reflections on the art market, and of course, a touch art world gossip.  Just the right amount, though – not too much, and not too little.

A recent post on MAO was particularly interesting to me as one all too acquainted with the art market – a discussion of the London art fair, Frieze, which took place last week.  Given the global economic crisis that’s hit practically the entire planet, art dealers (like myself) are particularly intrigued by how the lack of credit and cash flow will affect the art fairs – the sometimes frenzied exhibitions of unabated capitalist commerce that have become an integral part of the art market over the past few years.  Frieze, started by the very folks who created London’s leading contemporary art magazine, could even be described as having helped to energize a previously droopy market for contemporary art in the UK.  When I lived in London 7 years ago, the contemporary art market certainly did not have quite as many players as it does now.  As attending art fairs became recognized by collectors as an easy way to gain access to (often) high-caliber works of art by artists from all over the world, the art fair became a key commercial entity.

But I digress… Click here to read the entire post, or click here to access Modern Art Obsession.

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