Blog / Sydney Opera House Through Nasher Eyes


By Jonathan Blackwell

After months of seeing the Opera House in promotion material about Sydney, Australia, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when staring at it face to face.  Being a huge fan of the Nasher Museum of Art, I like to point out the similarities between the two centers for international arts and culture.

The Nasher is a combination of starched exterior surfaces and large areas of glass where visitors have a sense of being inside and outside at once.  The Opera House looks like the Nasher if it was run through a series of parabolic equations, down to the striations on the sides between the Opera House tiles and Nasher concrete slabs.

Where the Nasher’s unique glass roof pokes into the sky at odd angles, the peaks of the Opera House rooftop stab at the night sky as I walked the periphery.  That’s one thing I miss at the Nasher:  a walkway that circumscribes the entire building.  I’d love to be able to walk visitors all the way around the building, taking in all the exterior sculpture in one loop.

Making the correlation between the two buildings makes Sydney feel that much closer to home for me.  I look forward to seeing and sharing what goes on this ultra modern cathedral, and likewise following and drawing constant comparisons with the Nasher Museum of Art as a global institution.

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