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By Teka

Browsing through my Daily Dose of Flavorpill this morning (which I was turned on to by critic and curator Paul Laster, a contributing editor to this site and many others), I came across what looks to be an interesting new webzine project out of South Africa.  The capacity of the internet to promote global arts communication and dissemination never ceases to amaze me.  Take a look at the blurb below for more info.

Snapped and Itch
New photography and writing from South Africa

Snapped and Itch are two online arts magazines, based in Cape Town, which showcase emerging talents from across the African continent and around the world. The brainchildren of gallerist and publisher Brendon Bell-Roberts, these periodicals offer cutting-edge text and visual work based in South Africa’s vibrant cultural scene.

Snapped is worth several thousand words. Each issue features photo essays that cover a broad range of subjects, from Michael Wyeth‘s nights at Cape Town’s most infamous mixed-race, apartheid-era dance club, to Armanita de Clermont‘s spare portraits of former prisoners making ends meet on the streets.

Itch gets beneath the skin. The magazine’s contributors dig deep, serving up an intense short story about a murderous prostitute, a satire of chat-room speech, and a poetic meditation on the asterisk.

Share your work. Itch is accepting submissions that address the meaning of the dollar sign, while Snapped is soliciting contributions to its Flickr group.

Explore Snapped and Itch‘s current issues, check out the Bell-Roberts gallery, and learn more about South Africa’s contemporary-art scene.

- Eli Dvorkin

Source: Flavorpill

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