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By Wendy

How about this for a national holiday? Vinyl Record Day!

The folks behind Vinyl Record Day want Americans to set aside August 12th to commemorate “the date Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877” (although my quick Internet search did not quite confirm this fact). Their goals: preserve the cultural influence, recordings and cover art of the vinyl record; celebrate our fondest music with friends and family and promote the future of vinyl. They want the U.S. Postal System to put vinyl records on a series of first-class stamps.


The Nasher Museum would love to help celebrate National Vinyl Record Day next year. It’s perfect timing for our upcoming exhibition, “The Record,” (opening August 19, 2010) the first museum exhibition to explore the culture of vinyl records within the history of contemporary art.

The show includes work by 30 artists from around the world who have worked with records as their subject or medium, from the 1960s to the present. You’ll see sound work, sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, photography, video and performance. Curator Trevor Schoonmaker, in organizing “The Record,” puts contemporary art with outsider art, audio with visual, fine art with popular culture and established artists with those who will be exhibiting in a U.S. museum for the first time.

The artist list includes Laurie Anderson, Felipe Barbosa, David Byrne, William Cordova, Jeroen Diepenmaat, Satch Hoyt, Jasper Johns, Christian Marclay, David McConnell, Mingering Mike, Robin Rhode, Dario Robleto, Ed Ruscha, Xaviera Simmons, Carrie Mae Weems and others.

Long live the vinyl record.


TOP: RCA Victor Red Seal 45-rpm record from the 1950s, one of the materials for the upcoming commissioned work “Celestial Vessel” by artist Satch Hoyt.

BOTTOM: Detail from William Cordova’s “Greatest Hits (para Micaela Bastidas, Tom Wilson y Anna Mae Aquash),” originally commissioned by Artpace San Antonio and part of the upcoming exhibition at the Nasher Museum, “The Record” (opening August 19, 2010).

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