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fred-wilsonBy Michelle Cho

Fred Wilson is not a typical artist.

He takes other artists’ work and manipulates the way it is organized in a museum setting. He considers curatorial practices of museums in his exhibitions and projects. He encourages visitors to explore beyond the representations of art as museums present them.

What is he trying to say about museum curators?

In an Art:21 interview, the New York-based artist explains his process:
“A lot of times people just think I’m a curator, but in fact the things I’m creating are much more about a meta-narrative than about museums and displays. The subject of the exhibition—which is what most curators are concerned about—takes a back seat to that. I’m just using the museum as my palette, basically.”

Wilson will give a free talk at the Nasher Museum tomorrow (Tuesday, October 27) at 7:30 pm. A reception will follow. And admission to “Picasso and the Allure of Language” after his talk, by the way, will be free!

IMAGE: Fred Wilson by Kerry Ryan McFate, courtesy Pace Wildenstein.

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