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Through New Eyes

Picasso’s work brings new light to a Technicolor black-and-white screen
As a child discovering the egg at Easter it is a welcome surprise among the mundane green
It brings to us the version of the old
Captures the imprisoned and by doing so releases the true meaning
Of life
Of love
Of the hungry black Dog thieving from the table
Of the Child’s first steps in black and blue
Scampering to and fro leaving footprints of realization across the earth’s canvas
A bright black canvas yearning for interruption
And he indulges
Communicating universalized unverbalized feelings with dots and dashes of paint
And once awoken colors take flight
Lofting up into the skies
And see the world through new eyes

Laura Quinn, age 16, a recent visitor to the Nasher Museum

6 Responses to “Through new eyes”

  1. Randi Colby

    Laura, what beautiful insight, so glad your mom made you go to the museum and see the exhibit. You are an amazing young woman.

  2. Diane Dwyer

    Hey! Sweet Laura Jean. Very creative intpretative poem. You have the creative writing gene, that is for sure. How are you sweet girl? Are you embracing the world? Having 16yr. old hormone, emotions? Happy? Up and down. Crazy? I don’t have your current email as Pretty in black no longer works. Cheers! keep up on expressing yourself!

  3. Elizabeth "Liz" Foster

    Laura, Fabulous! Keep looking at the world through your lens. Do not let that lens fog over from other’s perspectives. Instead, keep sharpening your image.

  4. Mr. D

    Your words paint a wonderful picture.
    We miss you here in High Point but am glad you are still growing and expressing!
    Mr. D

  5. Anne Cortes

    Laura, I know it is a momma’s job to be proud of their babies, but…you make that job easy. I appreciate your emotional insight and your ability to communicate that insight so well. I love being able to see the world through your eyes, because you see in a way that is so very special. Big hugs – Anne

  6. Frank Kelleher

    Dear Laura,
    I keep reading your poem – it’s like the painting – the more you look, the more you see and feel(as you well know…). This is an inspired gift and I am most grateful that your mom shared it with me. You are part of a remarkable family from whom I derive much inspiration. I was sharing with your mom some quotations from Baha’u’llah’s Seven Valleys after reading the recent Carepages update. Then I read your poem and these words relating to the traveler in the Valley of Contentment lept off the page: “…with piercing sight he gazeth on the new creation; with lucid heart he graspeth subtle verities.” Thanks for bringing us this gift from the realm of the invisible.

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