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pots-dayoneBy Wendy

Blustery weather made for a cold first day of installing a new sculptural work on the museum’s front lawn.
Artist Mark Hewitt instructed museum preparators to set out custom-made wooden bases in a crescent pattern. Each base will hold one of Mark’s large ceramic pots, fired in his Pittsboro kiln. “Mark Hewitt: Falling into Place” will be on view for several months.
“You can’t help but be apprehensive,” he said, gazing intently at the curve as it took shape on the lawn.
But he liked what he saw. “The arc seems to warm the architecture somewhat.”
Museum staffers walked around the site with the artist all afternoon, adjusting the position of the bases. Sarah Schroth, the Nancy Hanks Senior Curator, picked her way through the rain-soaked grass, surveying the site from all angles.
“This is the artist’s configuration, a semi circle,” she said, “which is an interesting choice given that the building is so angular.”
Sarah mused that she’d like to see two of his pots on the roof of the museum’s administrative wing. “But I really don’t want to interfere with the potter-cum-sculptor,” she said, before skipping down the hill to the sidewalk to gain a wider view.
Watch each day’s progress here.

IMAGE: Chief preparator Brad Johnson (left) helps to position a large ceramic pot made by artist Mark Hewitt (right) with preparator Patrick Krivacka. Photo by Dr. J Caldwell.

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