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By Andrew Hibbard

Laurie Anderson appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman July 14 for one of the more memorable musical performances on late night television in recent memory.

Anderson, supporting her newest record “Homeland,” added an extra verse about the BP oil spill in her performance of “Only An Expert,” further politicizing an the almost acidic cynical song. You can watch a recording of the performance here (the oil spill bit begins at 2:55).

The performance reminds us of the potency and potential of artists to raise our collective consciousness. Anderson performs herself as artist, performer, musician and activist on Letterman, shocking late night audiences into awareness. You can check out some responses to her performance on the blog for Anderson’s record label Nonesuch.

Her seminal early work, “Viophonograph” (1977), appears in the Nasher Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibition: “The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl.”

Andrew Hibbard is a rising senior.

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