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Amy-white-horiz-cropBy Andrew

The Independent Weekly has been waxing poetic on the Nasher Museum of late. In back-to-back reviews of the new exhibitions, they’ve lauded The Vorticists: Rebels Artists in New York and London, 1914-18 and The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl.

In her review of The Record, Amy White unpacks many of the works in the show and traces the years of build-up to the show at the Nasher Museum, taking us from Dario Robleto’s lecture on the “poetics of vinyl” to the exhibition’s physical incarnation in museum and book forms. Just as White acknowledges she cannot encapsulate the show in her word count, I cannot quite capture her review in a blog post. This recognition of the transcendence of seeing the show or reading her review is, however, quite succinctly expressed:

Each artist in The Record represents just such a distinct articulation of the exhibition’s themes. I won’t be able to do any of them justice. I can only persevere in the space of this review and strongly suggest you see the show, probably a few times (every good record merits repeat listenings).

So check out the review (and don’t forget Chris Vitiello’s review of  The Vorticists, which you can read here).

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