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By Wendy

We are always sad to say goodbye to a show.
The Jazz Loft Project,” which closed July 10, inspired us all with photographs of an incredible New York space in a bygone era. We were thrilled to partner with Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies. All winter and spring, we celebrated the exhibition with gallery talks, jazz performances, Family Day events and more. We also loved the story behind the exhibition: An obsessed researcher (Sam Stephenson) devoted the better part of 10 years to an obsessed photographer (W. Eugene Smith).
Sam, who with Courtney Reid-Eaton was co-curator of the exhibition, posted lovely thoughts about the experience today on the Jazz Loft Project Blog: “Over the weekend an envelope from Nasher Museum of Art director Kim Rorschach was delivered in our roadside mailbox in quasi-rural Chatham County.  Her kind note mentioned that 37,000 people had attended the JLP show during the recently-closed run at her museum.  I’m not experienced with local museum traffic but that number struck me as enormous.  I was born in Chapel Hill and have lived within three hours of here since then (more or less).  It wasn’t all that long ago when Duke’s former art museum was housed in essentially a dormitory building and Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill were connected by unlit, two-lane country roads.”

Read the rest of Sam’s post here.

IMAGE: Photo of John Brown’s jazz ensemble by Dr. J Caldwell. The ensemble performed in the Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Family Lecture Hall at the Nasher Museum.

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