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By Wendy

Day One at Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 and our feet are already broken.
After the champagne press event at 10 a.m., at which Norman Braman  rattled off some impressive statistics (Miami has 69 art galleries now, compared to 10 galleries a decade ago), we trudged the country’s most important contemporary art fair for seven straight hours.
We saw a car tire carved intricately in a floral motif, a naked man wearing banana peels in all the wrong places, a stuffed fox curled up with a miniature volume of Aesop’s fables, a locker room complete with hair dryers, deoderant and some sweaty gym clothes, a household fuse box faithfully recreated in blue shiny polyester fabric and thread (Do Ho Suh), a huge Bashful dwarf carved of pink silicone (Paul McCarthy), a huge book made of fishing ropes.
The bright, embellished, tippy shoes on some of the browsers were as fascinating as some of the art on the walls.
We saw new work by many artists associated with the Nasher Museum, including a basketball piece by Nary Ward, drawings by William Cordova, sculpture by Radcliffe Bailey, photographs by Xaviera Simmons and many more. Trevor’s Top Ten List is under construction.
Celeb spotting: Sean “P. Diddy” Combs (also known as Puffy), wearing spots and mopping his brow, a huge entourage trailing like a yacht’s wake.
See our growing photo album here.
We’re off to dinner, looking at art on the beach and possibly crashing the L.A. MOCA party.

Photo by Wendy Hower Livingston.

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