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By Todd Berreth

If you were driving up Duke University Road the night of February 6, you might have done a double-take — the outside walls of the Nasher Museum were covered in a vibrant, illuminated display. The museum hosted the opening gala of the CHAT 2012 Festival, a conference exploring and celebrating the many digital collisions and intersections between technology, art and the humanities.

Featured prominently were two large-scale architectural projections. The larger of the two, covering a full 3,500 square feet on two walls, was “A China of Many Senses,” a site-specific software mural developed by Bill Seaman and Todd Berreth.  The imagery was an assemblage of video, 3D architectural models, audio and text, commenting on the clash between China’s past and present, its rural and urban cultures.  Viewers soaked in the ever-changing display and rich saturated colors.

Additional imagery and video can be found at the artist’s website.

A second projected installation was featured near the Nasher Museum’s entrance. “There are boundaries, and there are bridges”, was created specifically for the CHAT Festival by artists Todd Berreth and Sarah Goetz, and composer Ken Stewart.  The piece allowed viewers to interact with the display and the soundtrack via their own movement.

IMAGES: Megapixie Photography.

Top: Bill Seaman and Todd Berreth, “A China of Many Senses (Nasher version),” 2012. Custom software, video, audio and 3D source material.

Bottom: Todd Berreth, Ken Stewart and Sarah Goetz, “There are boundaries, and there are bridges,” 2012. Custom software, video and audio source material, Kinect camera interface.

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