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By Julia

On February 17, more than 1,500 students flooded into the Nasher Museum for the Nasher Student Advisory Board (NSAB)’s most successful party to date. Girls in heels and boys in suits mingled, danced, ate delicious snacks and saw the brand new Calder exhibition for the first time. A live band and variety of decorations gave the Great Hall an authentic Hollywood feel that kept the party lively and exciting until midnight.

As a member of NSAB, I was blown away by the success of the party. Despite the large amount of preparation done by NSAB before the event, every member of our board was giddy with excitement watching our fellow classmates enjoy themselves so thoroughly. I saw friends I knew from every corner of my life at Duke, all experiencing the same love for the Nasher Museum that I have developed over the past year. To see such an eclectic mix of people coming together to appreciate the fantastic institution that is the Nasher Museum was an unbelievably rewarding experience that I hope to experience at each upcoming student party during my time at Duke.

My enjoyment of the Hollywood Party: A Night at the Nasher harks back to my real reason behind being on the board in the first place. Being on the NSAB has drastically changed my experience of the museum; I have been granted a behind-the-scenes pass to see what makes the Nasher Museum such a successful institution, and I have loved every minute of it. As an Art History major, I realize I may be more inclined than some of my peers to study and spend time at the museum, but what my experience on NSAB has given me is a bigger appreciation of what a phenomenal resource the Nasher Museum is for every Duke student. Events like the student party give students a reason to dress up, act professionally and appreciate a true cultural gift, namely the work of Calder. Even students who don’t come for the art itself can still appreciate a night of culture, which is more than anyone can say about a Wednesday night at Shooters.

Learn more about NSAB, its events and how to get involved on our page on the Nasher Museum’s website.

IMAGE:  Photo by Dr. J Caldwell.

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