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Posted by Sophie Cummins

As a 20-year-old college student constantly plugged in to technology, I realize how much social media has changed how all types of groups—including museums—advertise, present themselves, and brand themselves to the public. As a Marketing Intern here at the Nasher Museum, I have always been curious about our usage of social media for promotion and branding. It was only this week that I was able to have “behind the scenes” access to the Nasher Museu’s promotion on one of the most popular social media outlets of our time—Instagram. On Tuesday, I was tasked with the assignment of making a “stop-motion video” for one of our social media accounts to demonstrate a craft project that we will be doing for Family Day in late April.

Family Day - Stop Motion

After looking at various examples from Vine and Instagram accounts, my supervisors decided to let me do a “test” video on the Nasher Museum’s Instagram account featuring the Nasher Museum’s new information card pockets. I began to play around with creative ways to show off the cards. Each has a different image/work on it and it was fun to experiment with different ways to mix and match the different colors, designs, and faces on each. However, these stop motion videos are very hard to complete with only one person—especially without a tripod to rest the camera—so I recruited two other interns to help. A seemingly trivial task was turned into a meticulous undertaking as the stop-motion video became a three person job. While I filmed, one intern prepped each card and one intern moved the cards for each individual take. After many tries, we finally completed the video and posted it on the Instagram account. 

Being able to play a direct role in social media marketing for the Nasher Museum helped me understand the thought processes and methods behind each post. I learned that while it is important to take time to decide what type of content is most relevant and appealing to followers, willingness to be flexible during the process is also an important element for posting engaging images and videos. In addition, I realized that even content that seems simple may be more complicated and strategic than it appears. I plan to utilize my new stop-motion skills and knowledge to make an even better video promoting Family Day and hopefully have a larger role in growing the Nasher Museum’s social media presence in the future.

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