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Posted By Wendy Hower

Dario Robleto
With Dispatches, every now and then we check in with artists connected with the Nasher Museum to find out about their most recent projects.

When we encounter a work of art by Dario Robleto, we are drawn in with our senses, right away. And when we read the accompanying label, well, a spontaneous little symposium will inevitably take place with whoever happens to be standing nearby. How can art be useful? How can art connect humans through the ages?

We are thrilled to share a recent On Being radio interview in which Dario talks about “how objects — in life and in culture — can become meditations on war, love, time and healing.” [Read the transcript.]

A solo show of his work, Dario Robleto: The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed, opens August 16 at the Menil Collection in Houston. Dario’s work is also in the Nasher Museum’s permanent collection.

“Time is, of course, doing its steady work on every object ever made. This complex relationship between the maker, and emotionally-invested objects, and the growing distance between them is not new, only rediscovered each generation, whether by an artist, a mourner, a mother, or a soldier.” — Dario Robleto

On Being is a Peabody Award-winning public radio conversation and podcast that airs on more than 330 public radio stations across the United States, distributed by American Public Media.

IMAGE: Dario Robleto visits the Nasher Museum in 2009. Photo by J Caldwell.

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