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Posted By Wendy Hower

Jeff Bell

Jeff Bell’s 2014 sculpture Nautilus came about when he decided to take apart an old piano. The Smithfield artist would like visitors not to worry, however, about taking his sculpture too literally, or paying much attention to the title of the work.
“It doesn’t matter if people recognize specifically that it’s from a piano,” Jeff told us. “I think a little bit of the residue of all of that mixed together, maybe, it helps to form an idea or a thought in someone’s mind maybe. …  I’ve made several objects before that are around that same size and it kind of interests me because it’s this sort of middle ground. A person couldn’t literally fit inside it unless they were very cramped. So it’s not the size of the thing but it’s also not like a model. It’s not small. So, It inhabits this almost-person-sized form.”

Find out more about Jeff’s work Nautilus, part of the current exhibition Area 919: Artists in the Triangle, in this video.

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