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Posted by Abby Snyder

This semester, I’ve had the pleasure of working in the education department here at the Nasher Museum. When I stumbled across this wonderful opportunity to intern at the Nasher Museum, I had no idea what great learning experiences were in store! As an Economics major, people always seem a bit confused when I tell them that I’m interning at the Nasher Museum. My interest for the art and museum world was piqued last year in my Contemporary Art Markets class. While an art auction house is quite different from the museum, I was nevertheless intrigued by the art and museum world. I’ve been fortunate to be in such a hands-on role in an exciting and active department of the museum!

Tour of Miró

Every day has been different so far – in the best kind of way! This semester, I’ve helped coordinate activities for the bi-monthly Family Days and I’ve been able to help brainstorm ideas for upcoming events, such as summer craft days and the upcoming celebration of the Nasher Museum’s 10th Anniversary with artist Odili Donald Odita. I’ve also been able to help put together the teacher packets for the upcoming Colour Correction exhibit. In doing that, I’ve researched screenprinting and complied a concise resource “workbook” for teachers to use to connect their classroom to the museum after their students view the exhibit. It’s fast-paced and there’s always something new to explore and create. This department definitely knows how to be creative, hone its inner child, and have fun all the while!

Family Day

I’m excited to say that this internship has shown me so much about the art and museum world that I want to pursue a future in it. Whether in a career or in a volunteer capacity, my heart lays in museums and in art. I’m looking to complete a minor in Art History after this internship, and hopefully take advantage of other opportunities to learn more about museums! This exposure is like none other – in addition to working with education, I’ve been able to meet people in other departments of the museum and pick their brains about how they got to where they are today and what they love about their job. This internship has also been eye-opening in the sense that I think that I (along with other Duke students) tend to forget about how incredible it is to have a world-renowned museum on campus.

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