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Time Bridge

This work took on many forms in the process of becoming what it is today. It was my intent to bridge several, distinct aspects of what I have come to learn about the city of Durham, which I feel reflects similar ideals and interests of this country as a whole. Durham is a melting pots of sorts, a place that is open to different people who are willing, ambitious and ready to expand upon their ideas and projects.

I also wanted to reflect upon conditions of life within this southern state as a collective history projected through time. The notion of bridging is important when considering the idea of an ongoing story. In this thought, one can better understand the concept of prosperity, and how that term can be applied to the life of this city, and to any other city full of potential and promise.

The political, economic and social history of this city is a grand narrative that reflects positively on the struggle for identity and freedom of its citizens within a greater union. I see Durham as a city that has an awareness of the complexity of its individual interests, and at the same time is open to allow those interests to thrive together as a community. Time Bridge is made with these considerations as a reflection upon the idea of determination as an ambitious project, and on prosperity as a goal.

Odili Donald Odita

Odili Donald Odita

Installation Project Assistants:

Alan Prazniak – Lead Assistant

Megan Bartley-Matthews

Adam Sultan

Megan Painting Assistants

Durham Hotel
Photo of Odili at YMCA by Anna Kipervaser. All other photos by J Caldwell.

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