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The Record

Do you remember when the Nasher Museum opened on October 2, 2005? Maybe you were here with 5,000 visitors, when Durham Mayor Bill Bell declared that this museum belongs to Durham. Or maybe you got to know the Nasher Museum over the next decade. We’ve asked folks to share their favorite Nasher memories, in honor of Nasher10, the celebration of a decade and beyond.

“Around the fifth anniversary of the Nasher, discussion emerged of the museum as a beacon. By definition a sort of blaring thing that distinguishes itself from its surroundings, a beacon calls attention to itself, but more importantly serves to herald something else. For me, the Nasher served as an irreplaceable introduction to a world of art and artists, bringing so many things close that were otherwise miles away. As an art history student in North Carolina, contemporary art—messy term that it is—often seemed far off and impenetrable. Of course there are the many art publications that document art, but there is still a removal at play in all of those. At the Nasher, it seemed tangible, available, and alive. More than any hijinks or anecdote, what stands out to me is a spirit of openness and kindness among the people who make, inhabit and exhibit at the Nasher, who made a world of art attainable at Duke, in Durham and far beyond.”

Andrew Hibbard (T’11)

The Record party

TOP TO BOTTOM: First-year Duke students gather for a DJ party and introduction to the Nasher Museum. Andrew Hibbard (top, far right) poses at the entrance to The Record: Contemporary Art & Vinyl, with (from top, left to right) artist Tim Lee, Trevor Schoonmaker (chief curator), artist Barkley L. Hendricks, Susan Hendricks, (bottom, left to right) artist Taiyo Kimura, Wendy Hower (director of engagement and marketing), Renee Cagnina Haynes (manager of exhibitions and publications) and artist Liota Yagi. Photos by J Caldwell.


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