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Lamb of Man : Atom and Eve : Americana Materia Medica


Do you remember when the Nasher Museum opened on October 2, 2005? Maybe you were here with 5,000 visitors, when Durham Mayor Bill Bell declared that this museum belongs to Durham. Or maybe you got to know the Nasher Museum over the next decade. We’ve asked folks to share their favorite Nasher memories, in honor of Nasher10, the celebration of a decade and beyond.

“I have so many great memories from the Record show! The most immediate one was when Trevor first reached out to inquire about my interest and I thought, “Yes! Someone is finally doing this show!” And with the historical depth and scale it deserved. But even with these high expectations, when I finally saw the show, it was even better than I hoped. As much as these shows are designed to engage with the community, they are also great gifts to the artists because they give us the historical perspective we also crave. There is something magical in being reminded that human curiosity ─ in this case, how a simple disc of plastic can preserve the ephemerality of sound ─ can link us across time and place as each generation of artists chisels away at a mystery. I felt that connection as I walked through the show. And finally, what could be a better memory than to know one of my favorite groups of all time, Yo la Tengo, took the time to visit the show and take a picture in front of my piece?!”

Dario Robleto, artist based in Texas

Dario with record

Dario Robleto, Lamb of Man / Atom and Eve / Americana Materia Medica (detail), 2006-2007. Colored paper, cardboard, ribbon, foamcore, glue, and willow; 60 x 185 x 8 in. (152.4 x 469.9 x 20.3 cm) overall. Collection of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. Museum purchase with additional funds provided by Dr. Peter H. Klopfer, the children of Marilyn M. Segal in her honor, and the bequest of Viola Mitchell Fearnside, by exchange. © Dario Robleto. Photo by Peter Paul Geoffrion. Dario Robleto checks out a vinyl record during a visit to the Nasher Museum. Photo by J Caldwell.

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