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Mailing Address
Nasher Museum of Art
at Duke University
Box 90732
Durham, NC 27708

Street Address
Nasher Museum of Art
at Duke University
2001 Campus Drive
Durham, NC 27705

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Submission Policy

The Nasher Museum of Art does not accept unsolicited materials (slides, prints, CDs, DVDs, etc.) from artists or their agents. The museum does not set up appointments with artists to review their work at their request. If unsolicited materials are sent to the museum without the artist or agent’s prior knowledge of museum policy, the museum is not obligated to return materials that have been submitted without a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Under no circumstances may artists send or drop off original works. The museum cannot take responsibility for the safety of original works.


Academic Programs

Marianne Eileen Wardle, Ph.D (Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Academic Programs, Head of Education & Interpretation)
[T] 919-684-5203

Erin Hanas, Ph.D. (Coordinator of Academic Programs)
[T] 919-684-8067

Business Office

Kate Piva (Deputy Director for Operations)
[T] 919-684-5126

Michelle Seymour (Departmental Business Manager)
[T] 919-668-0603


Marshall N. Price, Ph.D. (Nancy Hanks Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art)
[T] 919-684-8422

Trevor Schoonmaker (Chief Curator and Patsy R. and Raymond D. Nasher Curator of Contemporary Art)
[T] 919-684-3370

Molly Boarati (Assistant Curator)
[T] 919-684-9243

Reneé M. Cagnina Haynes (Exhibitions and Publications Manager)
[T] 919-613-6761

Chanelle Croxton (Curatorial Assistant)
[T] 919-684-8451


Stephanie Wheatley (Director of Development)
[T] 919-668-4063

Amanda Kuruc (Assistant Director of Development)
[T] 919-668-3527

Tracey Lannon (Annual Fund and Membership Officer)
[T] 919-681-8515


Sarah Schroth (Mary D.B.T. and James H. Semans Director)
[T] 919-684-8420

Jamie Dupre (Executive Assistant)
[T] 919-684-8421


Jessica Ruhle (Manager of Public Education)
[T] 919-684-8816

Elizabeth Peters (Education Associate)
[T] 919-684-1169

Ryan Helsel (K-12 and Family Programs Educator)
[T] 919-684-8071

Emily Perreault (Teen Program Educator)
[T] 919.684.9244


Wendy Hower (Director of Engagement  & Marketing)
[T] 919-684-3314

J Caldwell (Digital Media Manager)
[T] 919-660-0332

Rachel Goodwin (Graphic Designer  & Web Content Manager)
[T] 919-660-0332

Melissa Gwynn (Visitor Services Manager)
[T] 919-668-4059


Kenneth Dodson (Facilities Manager)
[T] 919-684-8146

Marketing & Communications

Wendy Hower (Director of Engagement & Marketing)
[T] 919-684-3314

J Caldwell (Digital Media Manager)
[T] 919-660-0332

Rachel Goodwin (Graphic Designer & Web Content Manager)
[T] 919-660-0332


Brad Johnson (Exhibition Designer)
[T] 919-684-1972

Alan Dippy (Preparator)
[T] 919-668-1412

Patrick Krivacka (Woodshop Manager)
[T] 919-684-1973


Kelly Woolbright (Registrar)
[T] 919-684-1970

Lee Nisbet (Associate Registrar / Visual Resources Manager)
[T] 919-684-8262


Jimmie Jones (Manager of Protection Services)
[T] 919-684-5998

Visitor Services

Melissa Gwynn (Visitor Services Manager)
[T] 919-668-4059