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The value of engagement with art

Posted by Nasher Museum student intern Mary Catherine Robertson

Spending this semester interning in the Education Department, I expected to enjoy the opportu… MORE

They Took Their Dabloid Away

Posted by Nasher Museum student intern Serena Reiser

Someone with a greater knack for personal marketing would probably explain my path to Duke and t… MORE

Space matters


By Julia Park When Senior Curator Sarah Schroth came to speak to my Nasher Museum Intern class, s… MORE

Impressions of Matisse


By J Caldwell and Wendy Livingston We are still smiling over Geoffrey Mock’s story about his e… MORE

As seen


By Anne Drescher People often ask me why I like art. Though it took me most of my life to come up with… MORE

Criss Cross Applesauce


By Lillie Hart It’s safe to say that most people’s first experience with a mobile is early on… MORE