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Dispatch from Satch

Posted By Wendy Hower

We were delighted to hear this week from Berlin-based artist Satch Hoyt, who visited us in 2009 f… MORE

Inspiration, on display


By Wendy
We are all inspired by today’s special Museums section in The New York Times.

Mingering Mike’s dream


By Wendy
Mingering Mike is a mysterious guy.
He lived in an imaginary world in his bedroom in the 1… MORE

Dispatches: Satch Hoyt


Introducing Dispatches, where every now and then we’ll check in with artists connected with… MORE

Spontaneous listening party


Satch Hoyt: photographed by J.Caldwell
by David
I headed down to Liberty Arts last week to check… MORE

A week with Satch Hoyt


By Renee
Yesterday was Satch Hoyt’s last day in Durham, and it’s a bittersweet departure.… MORE