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Area 919: Stacy Lynn Waddell

Posted By Wendy Hower

The ship coming to shore in Stacy Lynn Waddell’s 2011 diptych,  No Place Like, is definitely… MORE

Interacting with Area 919

Posted By Jenna Poczik

Exhibition Opening Event: Saturday, January 24, 6-8 PM. As the opening night approaches, I can… MORE

Q&A With Stacy Lynn Waddell

Posted By Dwayna Clark

  Stacy Lynn Waddell is a local artist whose art work Awful Conflagration of the Steam Ship MORE

10 Things: Deborah Grant


By Stacy New York artist Deborah Grant has a good deal on her mind these days on the heels of winnin… MORE



By Wendy It’s no secret that Durham is a 90-minute flight from LaGuardia. Is that a good th… MORE

Nasher Hits Below the Belt


By Stacy Lynn Waddell I remember when the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University arrived. Like m… MORE