Some people never listen to the B-side of a 45-rpm record. Others think the B-side doesn't matter. A few people go straight to the B-side of a record; one person's B-side is another's A-side. Welcome to the B-side of the exhibition website for The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl, a collection of links, blogs, oddities and ephemera from the world of vinyl records and collecting. This page is updated regularly.

Rich Medina

Rich Medina talks about his incredible vinyl collection. Rich is the DJ who partnered with Nasher Museum Curator (and organizer of “The Record”) Trevor Schoonmaker to start Jump ‘n Funk in New York in 2001. It was the first Fela-inspired/Afrobeat party in North America. Rich is still rockin' it.

Drawing Apparatus

Robert Howsare creates posters with his Drawing Apparatus, consisting of two articulated wooden arms connected to two turntables.

Ultra Rare Vocoder Record

Dave Tompkins, author of How To Wreck A Nice Beach, has released a 7-inch record of three vocoder tracks from the early 80s. The edition of 500 is made from various colors of recycled vinyl. Each one includes an eight-page booklet. Tompkins will give a talk and spin records at the Miami Art Museum on May 31, 2012.

Vinyl Sales up Nearly 40% in 2011

Vinyl sales in the US topped 3.9 million in 2011, a 39.3 percent gain over 2010.

Record Monsters

Made of laser cut records, these 3D puzzles, known as Record Monsters, come in nearly 20 forms, such as ants, velocaraptors and mosquitos.

America's 10 Greatest Indie Record Stores

Not just opinion: This list is the result of recommendations from Flavorpill staff and readers (who weighed in via Facebook).

Recent press for The Record

The New York Times; Artnews magazine; The News and Observer; The Herald-Sun; Wax Poetics; Pitchfork.com: Nylon magazine; The Independent Weekly; segment on N.C. State University's student-run WKNC 88.1FM; "State of Things" interview with Frank Stasio and artist Xaviera Simmons and curator Trevor Schoonmaker on WUNC, 91.5FM; "State of Things" interview with Frank Stasio and Superchunk on WUNC, 91.5FM.

Furnace Manufacturing

Vinyl record pressing tour, with a glimpse of Les Savy Fav's new LP rolling down the conveyor belt.

Triple Decker Record

Jack White invented the Triple Decker RecordTM (assembled by United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN), a 7-inch record hidden inside a 12-inch record. Watch your fingers!

How I got Over

Artist Barkley L. Hendricks is very protective of his record collection.

A Drop in the Bucket

Artist Barkley L. Hendricks' first record purchase was "Ray Charles at Newport."

How Vinyl Records Are Made

Ever wonder how a vinyl record is made? The Discovery Channel takes you from the aluminum disk called the master record to the final labeling and packaging of the record.

Can I Get An Amen?

Artist Nate Harrison's 2004 audio installation, "Can I Get An Amen?" tells the story of the "Amen Break," a ubiquitous pop culture drum beat.

The vinyl record in espionage

Dave Tompkins, who contributed an essay to The Record catalogue, writes about the "vocoder" and how vinyl records protected phones from code breakers, starting in World War II.

Listen to the Bonus Beach mix, which proves the vocoder's many contributions to popular music.

To Have and to Hold

A new film about vinyl records, directed by Jony Lyle, for Goosepimple Productions, 2010.

How to play a vinyl record without electricity

Play vinyl records with ordinary household tools and no record player! (But only try this on records you don't care about ruining.)


Website featuring pictures of people obscuring or augmenting any part of the body with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion.

Record grooves to the maximum

A record groove, magnified 1,000 times under an electron microscope, resembles a desert canyon. Bits of dust look like boulders.

Direct line to the Rubber Duckie

Growing up in the Australian outback, Mark Hughes travelled to outside worlds through his family's record collection.

Vinyl Record Train

Yuri Suzuki and Yaloslav Tencer created a vinyl record audio train. They chop records into thin, curved pieces that make tracks. The "train" follows the track and plays the audio with a built-in stylus.

Your Vinyl LP Record Collections

Photos of vinyl record collections submitted by listeners of NPR's "All Songs Considered."

How to Pirate a Vinyl Record

A DIY method to copy a vinyl record, making a copy that you can actually play on a turntable.

Top image: Doug Coombe, "Mayer Hawthorne in front of 45 boxes painted by Herman Weems at Peoples Records, Detroit," December 26, 2009. Courtesy of the artist.
Local Record Stores image: Photo by The Chicago Sun-Times.