Advisory Board

Nasher MUSE

Nasher MUSE (Museum Undergraduate Student Exec) serves as the undergraduate student voice of and for the Nasher Museum. As a bridge between the widely diverse student body and the museum, MUSE fosters student ownership of the museum, advises museum staff on effective ways to engage the Duke undergrads, and is proactive in promoting the museum throughout the Duke community and beyond.

Connect with MUSE through Facebook or Instagram.

MUSE organizes student-centered events at the museum many times each year and initiates critical conversations about contemporary issues in the museum environment.

MUSE does not plan or select exhibitions for the museum.
Interested in joining MUSE? Please complete an application and email it to and Applicants who are selected for interviews will be contacted by the end of September.
Application (pdf)
PLEASE NOTE: Membership with MUSE requires significant personal initiative and time commitment to attend weekly meetings, plan programs and staff programs/events. Members often spend considerable time outside of weekly meetings to plan and promote events. Attendance at events is also required.

Nasher MUSE