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My practice has been inspired by the study of moments and translating the essence of them through color, figuration, abstraction and various techniques of mark making … I’m interested in intersecting an internal experience and symbolizing that in my work in order to present a view of my personal heritage and journey.

Reggie Burrows Hodges

Working on raw canvas with a black ground, Reggie Burrows Hodges builds up his depictions of everyday scenes through the suggestion of forms and figures. His blurred pastel and acrylic paintings use negative space to sculpt and develop narratives around people, playing with ideas of perception, space and subjectivity.

Now based in Maine, Hodges draws inspiration from his childhood in Compton, California, and paints activities such as athletic events, portraits and quiet scenes of daily life that center more on the figures’ surroundings than on specific identities.

Each image creates a mood and explores how an environment affects its inhabitants.

Community Appreciation: Orchestra presents a scene that resonates during the 2020 pandemic year—one in which communities came together to support those affected by grief, poverty and racial injustice. The image depicts an orchestra conductor surrounded by a sea of heads, while the muted colors and foggy brushstrokes convey a sense of the scene’s musical atmosphere.

In the gallery below, several works from the collection pair well with Reggie Burrows Hodges’s painting.

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