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Another thing that caught my eye is the background of the fabric that this design is made of. They are strong colors, and you can see this part here is like the African colors.

Edwin Smith, a Nasher Ambassador

One minute, one work of art, one personal story.

Watch The Art Minute featuring Edwin Smith, a Nasher Ambassador, who shares the connections he makes with Kimberly Cartwright’s works, The Opulent Injustice of Fannie Lou Hamer II, Shirley for President and North Star. Childhood memories, personal experiences and his value of family all come to mind.

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Video Production Team

Videography and Editing
J Caldwell, Photographer & Social Media Manager, Nasher Museum

Co-Producer and Graphic Designer
Yesenia Martinez-Yanez, marketing intern, Appalachian State University Class of 2022

Co-Producer and Videography
Wendy Hower, Director of Engagement & Marketing, Nasher Museum

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