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I have started to be so much more grateful for the small moments. Any interaction I get to have with and share with friends are so much more significant for me now than they were before. The weather being nice or a great conversation that I have I will never take for granted again. COVID-19 has given me a chance to reflect about all the good in the world and become a more positive person.

anonymous respondent to Your Stories Matter, in March 2021

Responding to COVID-19, Embracing Growth, Transforming Our World

We invite visitors to respond to Your Stories Still Matter, a collaborative public narrative response project in partnership with Duke’s Center for Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation. The project began in 2020, inspired by an outdoor exhibition and public awareness campaign by artist Carrie Mae Weems called RESIST COVID / TAKE 6!

Our narrative response project continues as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Visitors are invited to engage with the exhibition In Relation to Power: Politically Engaged Works from the Collection. In their work, 57 artists focus on ways that artists comment on, and often vehemently resist, the dynamics of inequitable systems of power.

I sincerely wish I could re-imagine such a world with more humanity toward each other after all we have all been through as a world. I genuinely cannot say. I'm praying that our humanity will have expanded in such greatness that we will actually hold hands. Hope springs eternal.

anonymous respondent to Your Stories Matter, in May 2021

The Duke TRHT Center is part of a national movement whose mission is to dismantle the false belief in a hierarchy of human value based on race. The Duke TRHT Center will provide analysis and interpretation of visitor responses. Your voice will become part of the fabric of how our society reflects on the lived experiences and social impacts of COVID-19.

We invite you to speak your own truth. How have your life, your family, your hopes and fears transformed since the start of this global pandemic?


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